Online Bahrain Prometric Courses

Medical professionals who wish to work in Bahrain are required to pass the licensure examination prior to being issued a license to practice in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The National Health Regulatory Bahrain NHRA is responsible for implementation and development of health regulations in both governmental and private sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Its function is to regulate the provision of healthcare in Bahrain and ensure high-quality and effective health care services. The medical professions currently required to go through the Bahrain prometric examinations include nurses, dentists, pharmacists, health technicians…etc

At Malakha Academy, we offer coaching for nurses under the guidance of well experienced professional trainers. Our well qualified teachers help the students to develop skills needed to pass the examination with comprehensive ranges of study materials.

What is Prometric Exam Bahrain? Inorder to work in Bahrain, all the medical professionals must appear for the licensure exam called NHRA-Bahrain (PROMETRIC) examination.For PROMETRIC examination there is no particular syllabus advised, but International Academy have wide range of study materials to support nurses for passing exam with high score.

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